Food Assistance

Food Assistance may include provision of supplies from the corps’ food pantry and/or vouchers for grocery stores, as well as referrals to other agencies.  Food is provided to address a variety of situations — for example, to cover emergency situations or to supplement limited food budgets.  Food assistance is given in amounts sufficient for approximately seven days, based on family size.  Contents will be dependent on donations and other supplies on hand and availability of various food products.  Personal care products (i.e. shampoo, soap, Depends) may also be included when available.  When there are insufficient food supplies in the corps’ food pantry, or a specific item is needed (i.e. fresh milk), families may be issued vouchers to purchase groceries at a local store.  Vouchers will not exceed more than $5.00 per person/per day. Applicants must reside in Isabella County and must provide all requested documentation. Food assistance, in the form of vouchers, pantry orders or referrals, will generally be issued only once every 90 days.  Exceptions can be made when there are extenuating circumstances.

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